Grace Baptist Church, Norwalk, CT

Where Jesus Christ is Lord!!

Grow List Fundraiser

Thanks for visiting our Grow Fundraiser page! Please help us raise funds for the items on our Grow List. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND HELP US REACH OUR GOAL by the end of October 2019 as we celebrate our 127th Church Anniversary.

Click the Donate to Grow List Fundraiser button below to make your contribution. You will get an email receipt for tax deduction purposes once your donation is received.

Recent Donations

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Lindsay E. Curtis $500.00... Joy Parkins $300.00... Keith Williams $300.00... Charles Bush $250.00... Sylvia Williams $250.00...
We thank you in advanced for your commitment, dedication and support of Grace Baptist Church. You may contact Trustee Joy Parkins or Trustee Keith Williams at (203) 838-5717 for more information.