Grace Baptist Church, Norwalk, CT

Where Jesus Christ is Lord!!


Ministry Name

Andrew Wise Scholarship Fund

Deaconess Ministry

Fellowship League

Floral Ministry

Grace Get Fit

Host & Hostess Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Missionary Ministry

Music Ministry:

    GBC Youthful Voices

    LEC Praise & Worship Team

    Inspirational Choir

    Men’s Chorus

    Senior Choir

Nurses Unit Ministry

Pastor’s Aid Ministry

Purpose Adult Praise Dance Ministry

Rising Stars Ministry

Senior Ministry

Combined Ushers Ministry:

   Junior Usher Ministry

   Senior Usher Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

Youth Ministry:

   Youth Church

   God’s Angels Praise Dance Ministry

   Imani Praise Dance Ministry

   Sword of the Spirit Mime Ministry

Media Ministry

   James Thompson III Audio/Visual Ministry

   Webmaster - (website) & Facebook

   GBC YouTube Channel

President/Meeting Date & Time

Sis. Laura G. Shular

Deaconess Barbara Thompson, 4th Tue. 7pm

Dea. Johnathan Gibson, 2nd Sun, After Morning Worship

Sis. Ruth Brown, 4th Mon. 8pm

Sis. Jenifer Hardman (Sessions Sat. 10am)

Dea. Johnny Bookhardt, 4th Sunday

Dea. Nathan Sumpter, Tue. After 1st Sunday, 8pm

Sis. Mary Jarvis, 2nd Mon. 7:30pm

Deaconess Monisha Gibson, Mon. 6pm

Sis. Angela Moseley, Thu. 6:30pm

Sis. Cassandra Herring, Tue. 7:30pm

Dea. James Thompson, Mon. 7:30pm

Dea. Jesse George, Thu. 7:30pm

Sis. Nadine Campbell, 2nd Tue. 7pm

Sis. Barbara Pendergrast, 2nd Tue. 7pm

Sis. Rhonda Andrews, Fri. 7:30pm

Sis. Elizabeth Burns

Sis. Janis Curtis, Every other month, 2nd Tue. 6:30pm

Sis. Mary Jasper, Supervisor, 3rd Sun. after Morning Worship

Sis. Debbian Simpson, 3rd Mon. 7:30pm

Sis. Deleva Lewis, 4th Mon. 7pm

Sis. Nehemie Moise

3rd & 4th Sunday

Sis. Debra Taylor, Fri. 7pm

Sis. Sharon Maxwell, Thu. 6pm

Sis. Marena Brown, Fri. 6pm

Bro. Johnny Langley & Sis. Sylvia Williams

Sis. Sylvia Williams

Dea. Hugh Burke & Sis. Sylvia Williams