Grace Baptist Church, Norwalk, CT

Where Jesus Christ is Lord!!

Ministry - President & Meeting

Andrew Wise Scholarship Fund - Sis. Laura G. Shular

Deaconess Ministry - Deaconess Barbara Thompson, 4th Tue. 7pm

Fellowship League - Dea. Johnathan Gibson, 2nd Sun, After Morning Worship

Floral Ministry - Sis. Ruth Brown, 4th Mon. 8pm

Grace Get Fit - Sis. Jenifer Hardman (Sessions Sat. 10am)

Host & Hostess Ministry - Dea. Johnny Bookhardt, 4th Sunday

Men’s Ministry - Dea. Nathan Sumpter, Tue. After 1st Sunday, 8pm

Missionary Ministry - Sis. Mary Jarvis, 2nd Mon. 7:30pm

Music Ministry:

    GBC Youthful Voices - Deaconess Monisha Gibson, Mon. 6pm


    LEC Praise & Worship Team - Sis. Angela Moseley, Thu. 6:30pm


    Inspirational Choir - Sis. Cassandra Herring, Tue. 7:30pm


    Men’s Chorus - Dea. James Thompson, Mon. 7:30pm


    Senior Choir - Dea. Jesse George, Thu. 7:30pm

Nurses Unit Ministry - Sis. Nadine Campbell, 2nd Tue. 7pm

Pastor’s Aid Ministry - Sis. Barbara Pendergrast, 2nd Tue. 7pm

Purpose Adult Praise Dance Ministry - Sis. Rhonda Andrews, Fri. 7:30pm

Rising Stars Ministry - Sis. Elizabeth Burns

Senior Ministry - Sis. Janis Curtis, Every other month, 2nd Tue. 6:30pm

Combined Ushers Ministry:


   Junior Usher Ministry - Sis. Mary Jasper, 3rd Sun. After Morning Worship


   Senior Usher Ministry - Sis. Debbian Simpson, 3rd Mon. 7:30pm

Women’s Ministry - Sis. Deleva Lewis, 4th Mon. 7pm

Young Adult Ministry - Sis. Nehemie Moise

Youth Ministry:

   Youth Church - 3rd & 4th Sunday


   God’s Angels Praise Dance Ministry - Sis. Debra Taylor, Fri. 7pm


   Imani Praise Dance Ministry - Sis. Sharon Maxwell, Thu. 6pm


   Sword of the Spirit Mime Ministry - Sis. Marena Brown, Fri. 6pm

Media Ministry

   James Thompson III Audio/Visual Ministry - Bro. Johnny Langley & Sis. Sylvia Williams


   Webmaster - (website) & Facebook - Sis. Sylvia Williams


   GBC YouTube Channel - Dea. Hugh Burke & Sis. Sylvia Williams

   GBC Email - Sis. Sylvia Williams