Grace Baptist Church, Norwalk, CT

Where Jesus Christ is Lord!!

The Music Ministry at Grace Baptist Church is comprised of five distinct choirs and a praise & worship team--each are assigned a Sunday to minister in Music. Bro. Julius Camp, our Minister of Music oversees this ministry under the direction of our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Lindsay E. Curtis.
Bro. David Dimbo
, Associate Musician.

The choirs are:
  • Senior Choir, directed by Bro. Julius Camp on 1st Sundays (Dea. Jesse George, President )
  • GBC Youthful Voices, directed by Bro. Julius Camp on 2nd Sundays (Justin Thomas, President. Advisers: Dea. Rosa Murray, Deaconess Monisha Gibson & Sis. LaTina Brame)
  • Men's Chorus, directed by Bro. David Dimbo on 3rd Sundays (Bro. Brad Schmidt, President)
  • Inspirational Choir, directed by Bro. Julius Camp on 4th Sundays (Bro. Calvin Chapman, President)
  • Combined Choir, directed by Bro. Julius Camp on 5th Sundays
  • LEC Praise & Worship Team - directed by Sis. Angela Moseley on 3rd & 4th Sundays (Sis. Angela Moseley, President

One of the most important functions of the GBC choirs is to lead and engage the congregation in song. wrote: "We become what we sing. When we take words and put them to music, it becomes part of who we are. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we put as much of the Word into the bodies of the congregation as possible."

We also take our ministry into the community, where we share God's love with those who need and want to hear God's Word through music.

Most importantly, we are a family! The family of Grace Baptist Church--we Sing, we Love, we Laugh and we STAND with each other!