Grace Baptist Church, Norwalk, CT

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According to Business Insider, America is suffering from a student-loan debt crisis. While wages have increased by 67% since 1970, according to a 2018 Student Loan Hero report, college tuition has increased at an even faster rate. Consequently, student debt has reached record levels. It's part of the Great American Affordability Crisis. In order to help combat this crisis, on September 22, 2019, Grace Baptist Church was gifted with a wonderful donation for assisting young college students with their accrued tuition debt. While we will not be able to pay off their debt in totality, we will with the help of our congregation we have committed to grow this fund and  we hope and pray that we will be able to reduce this heavy burden by assisting our students with a monthly payment as determined by an application process. This generosity was put on the heart of Rev. Shannon White (Wilton Presbyterian Church) and her husband Virgil Roberson who specifically requested donations in lieu of wedding gifts for this purpose. We the members of Grace Baptist Church are eternally grateful to Pastor Shannon White and Mr. Virgil Roberson and their friends for their generosity to our students and we vow to be diligent stewards of your wonderful blessing. To God be the Glory!
                                                                            Pastor Lindsay E. Curtis

Watch Pastor Shannon White & Mr. Virgil Roberson's
Donation Presentation below.