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Trustees Ministry

What is the function of the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees controls and directs legal and financial affairs of the Church. The Board of Trustees has responsibility for property decisions, as well. As a practical matter, the Board of Trustees handles the accounting of offerings, the purchase and sale of property for the Church, the coordination of management of rentals owned by the church, and the retention of legal counsel for the Church. In short, the Board of Trustees is the governance arm of Church leadership, and provides oversight of any Church matters that have financial or legal implications. Some activities under Board direction are:

  • Management of the portfolio of the investments of the Church
  • Facilitation of purchase of properties under the vision of campus expansion
  • Establishment of a limited liability corporation to oversee GBC-owned properties
  • Counting and depositing of all tithes and offerings for the Church

The Trustee Ministry at Grace Baptist Church is dedicated to the service of stewardship to the church, the community and everyone who comes to worship here. We welcome your prayers, your support, your input and your constructive criticism.

There are currently 10 trustees, previously operated with a Board of nine trustees. The members of the present Board are:

Trustee Douglas Sutton – Chair

Trustee Charles Burns

Trustee Calvin Chapman

Trustee Gloria Grace

Trustee Alan Mathis

Trustee Joy Parkins

Trustee Shirell Rogers

Trustee Robert Stewart

Trustee Felicia Thomas

Trustee Keith Williams